The Whole Child Foundation
A Non-Profit Organization Supporting
Children, Families and Learning Institutions

The mission of The Whole Child Foundation is to provide healthy solutions in education, mental health and physical health to children and families. Children in today's world have many factors that affect their health that insurance will not cover, mental health facilities cannot pay for, and schools districts are not able to have the budget for. Children are then denied the resources that would help them the best. Sometimes families need extra help in finding the money for after school activities, added psychological testing, OT or PT services or equipment that would help them in their classroom or home. The Whole Child Foundation Scholarship Fund helps these kinds of families. Our Foundation tries to support the whole child in body, mind and emotion. Social-emotional learning is considered to be a top priority on our agenda, and we consider emotional balance to be a key for academic learning and success in their lives.



The Whole Child Foundation Provides:

The Whole Child Foundation provides parent education, educational equipment, children’s wellness services/referrals and educational programming that nurtures the unique gifts of every child. Our after school learning cooperatives and outdoor educational programs through Earthwork Programs are a new way to envision learning for our children. Families and schools deserve to get the resources they need even if it is not available due to budget constraints. We strive to raise money and provide support that would best fit a child or family, regardless of the cost.

Funds Raised are Allocated for:
Social Emotional Programs & Social Skill Groups: which can be brought into libraries, preschools, public schools and after school programs
Educational Resources, Equipment, and Program Design for institutions that have budgetary constraints which prevent best practices to support at risk youth
The Bernard Jacob Scholarship Fund: which serves lower income families by giving them the opportunity for participation in Parent University, after school programming, camps and alternate learning solutions.
Psychological testing/ Wellness Services / OT Consultations: which may not be covered by health insurance.
Parent University and The Nurtured Heart Approach: Classes and trainings that parents can attend free of charge
Earthwork Programs: Partial Scholarships: given to lower income families living in inner city locations so that their children can have access to nature and outdoor activities while remaining safe

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